NexusZ focuses on providing order intake, location based services and planning for supply chain, transport and logistics. The products or software systems that we build characterize themselves by:


  • High complexity
  • Data intensive
  • Algorithm intensive (Machine Learning)
  • Decision Support


All software systems provide services that heavily rely on: algorithms that express planning concepts, data mining algorithms, clustering or similarity measuring concepts, (R-)CNNs for deep learning, etc.


During the development of functionality, you may be involved in all or most phases of a project. From customer contact to business development to implementation to system integration/testing to deployment to support. Thereby you can work in areas were you do not necessarily have a skill-set, or that is not your field of expertise.


Technologies we use comprise: Javascript (Meteor/React), Java, Python, Node, Mongo database, Unix


We seek candidates in the following areas of expertise (full-time / part-time):


Sales / Marketing

Candidates are expected to generate leads and reach out to customers to interest them in data intensive / algorithm related products. The focus should be to  raise the data-awareness of potential customers and how the products of NexusZ help in streamlining their operation.

Business Development/Architecture

We are looking for a candidate that discusses with customers to tune products to their needs and  detect new development directions for the products of NexusZ. This includes (co-) development of algorithms or neural networks. The business developer also has an important role in driving the engineering team in system testing/integrating the product.

Business Intelligence

Data intelligence is becoming more important. The candidate aids customers in creating a data warehouse on various KPI indicators of a customer, and help in the generation of (management) reports by using the BI tooling the customer prefers.

Tool engineering

Tools are an important part of the products of NexusZ. Our drive is to make customers as independent as possible by providing sophisticated tooling. Candidates are involved in the development of domain specific languages, algorithms, machine learning mechanisms and user interfaces.

Algorithm engineering

The products of NexusZ are web-based. A considerable amount of processing is done in the cloud. The algorithms that process datastreams need to be as optimal as possible. Candidates are involved in algorithm design and implementation, as well as neural network design. In addition to that, the solutions must fit in the available infrastructure.

UX engineering

We like to give users intuitive user interfaces. In the products of NexusZ this usually translates into presenting the right mixture of data, illustrative graphics that point out a reason, etc.

Candidates are expected to further develop or improve the user interface of the products of NexusZ.



The aim of NexusZ is to provide businesses an overview of their operations. This way, you can decide what step you should take next. We do this by bringing data together from various sources, combine them and providing decision support to give intelligent feedback.


We combine your data such as orders and planning data with information from relevant websites. We also gather data from private and public GPS based mechanisms to keep track of your cargo.


NexusZ provides all the data that is relevant for you in a clear overview. We make it transparent where this data is coming from and how it is combined.

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