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By providing a platform for measuring data of transports that involve Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), parcel delivery, and other types of transports where timeliness and predictability of arrival are of the essence, a shift from reactive to proactive is made.


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A platform for sharing information with partners in your network.








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7 guidelines for dealing with Big Data issues in logistics: click here

The logistics sector has been in a big data situation for some time. The Logistic Service Provider (LSP) who knows how to apply data best will transport cargo most reliably and optimally. In this article 7 guidelines are discussed that can serve as guidelines when setting up IT systems that must handle large amounts of data.







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Grocery Retail: click here

Retail companies, or transport companies in retail are in general in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) field and have a high interest in supplying stores and customers in time with a high quality. Retail companies often have one or more Distribution Centers (DCs), in case of more than one they are geographically distributed. They either have trucks of their own, or use transport companies to distributes the goods from the DCs to the stores. For retail companies, the distribution of goods is a core activity. It is essential to be able to deliver in time, and according to the demand or need of stores.



The aim of NexusZ is to provide businesses an overview of their operations. This way, you can decide what step you should take next. We do this by bringing data together from various sources, combine them and providing decision support to give intelligent feedback.


We combine your data such as orders and planning data with information from relevant websites. We also gather data from private and public GPS based mechanisms to keep track of your cargo.


NexusZ provides all the data that is relevant for you in a clear overview. We make it transparent where this data is coming from and how it is combined.