See at any time where your vehicles are located, the most optimal transport, and the next transport

Heat maps, hotspots and reports to give a clear overview of how you are doing.

Overview the Estimated Time of Arrival for yourself, your customer and even your customer's customer.

Control Tower

Control Tower generates an overview of all your processes and information streams. This contains e.g. shipment locations, estimated time of arrival and loading and unloading times. We generate this by combining data from ordering systems, planning systems, board computer systems, traffic information systems and many other sources.


The decision support capability of the control tower uses the combined data to notify your organization and provide a clear overview of your performance.


Your business has many departments such as sales, customer service, planning, transport and invoicing. In all stages, information needs to be exchanged.


Control Tower by NexusZ offers you a clear overview of all processes. Control Tower provides a real time overview of all transportation data such as a map with the current location, estimated time of arrival, and details on the cargo.


Control Tower also keeps track of how voyages went. Providing valuable information for your invoice department if there were circumstances due to which you should alter your invoice.


Control Tower brings your information together and provides you an overview of the organisation to act quickly on occurring situations.


Monitor transport

Control Tower provides you an overview of all places to visit with the average stay time, date and time window. If you wish you can click through from our easy to understand dash board to see details on the truck or barge. The link with the order is easily made, since the reference of the shipment is also shown.


With the search function you can search orders you wish and find it within milliseconds.

Vehicle Tracking

A map on the dashboard shows a real-time overview of where your vehicles are, using GPS-tracking in combination with the planned transport that is executed. The vehicles on the map can be filtered and coloured to your wishes. You can filter and colour for example on kind of transport, or as a distinction between clients.

Synchronized planning

Control tower provides support in planning by automatically planning resources synchronously, so the optimal plan for all resources is calculated.


Synchronous planning differentiates itself from other planning algorithms by:


  • Calculating plans multiple times in an hour for today and the near future.
  • Using real-time data such as the position of vehicles, new orders, and traffic data.
  • Selecting the most optimal plan out of several alternatives
  • Taking cost factors into account.
  • Being a decision support tool that provides suggestions on planning issues.
  • Allowing planners to override proposals that are taken into account in the next proposal.

Detailed analysis

With Control Tower you get grip on your performance. Control Tower provides an overview so you can see how you perform on your self-defined key performance indicators such as:


  • ETA monitoring
  • On time analysis
  • Mileage coverage
  • Travel time
  • Stay time
  • Number of visits over time


These reports can be mailed as xls form, or can be show in Control Tower. From the xls files we link to the corresponding Control Tower pages to easen further inspection.

All information you need for invoices

For invoicing it is important to find anomalies that have to be paid by customers. For example, it can happen that loading takes longer than expected and consequently the unloading window at the unloading address is missed. Control Tower keeps track of the execution. It provides a list with all differences, making sure you ask the right amount of money to your customer.

We work with the invoicing

system that fits your business

Logistics providers can combine orders of several customers to improve efficiency. However, invoicing systems can differ, such as paying for the distance that is travelled per customer or paying as a percentage of used space.


These schemes can make up the invoicing. NexusZs control tower can works with these different invoicing schemes.

Tailor-made to your needs

Your company is unique. Therefore, we customize our software to your needs. Whether you like to keep track of certain performance indicators or have other information fields. We make sure our software is adapted to fit your business best.


Control Tower can pass triggers to  employees  or send email notifications to customers. The triggers, notifications and whom to send them to are fully customizable.


By combining data, Control Tower provides answers to questions in your organisation. We measure things such as:

"Does the executed transport meet the quotes set by the sales department?"


"What are the blind spots in the transport network of an organization?"


"We anticipate on developing situations such as late trucks, loading or unloading takes to long and reversing the order in visiting addresses."


"We create overview of the performance of transport over time through so-called lane sheets that show your Key Performance Indicators."


"After transport we check whether the transport was executed within the given parameters for number of kilometres, waiting times, number of visited addresses and number of executed transports."

We measure this and report this to your business. If you wish, we report information such as Estimated Time of Arrival in real-time to your customer, or even your customer's customer.



Be in control


• Interactive user interface

• Direct insight into the whole planning process

• Focus on exceptions

• Clear visualisation of planning and realisation

• List with ongoing transportations so it is clear which transportation is handled when

• Endorses handling pro-actively by offering insight and notifications

• Works for multiple modalities such as truck, train, barge, sea vessel

• Unburdens customers by focused notifications



• Prediction of disruptions

• Strengthens the position as logistic knowledge partner for decision support

• Information is combined and the essence is shown

• Information is filtered and synchronised

• Information is enriched

• Provides an overview of the logistic process and gives you the directors role back

• Calculation of the estimated time of arrival for stops


Increase performance


• Create time and optimize

• Win-win savings by providing insight into transportation alternatives

• Notification of uses when a transport is taking too long or when they need to wait longer